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Honestly Representing New York

Leading up to Miss New York USA, contestants are frequently emailed documents that need to be completed, as well as competition information. Upon placing our deposits, one of the first items we receive is the Contestant Handbook. The handbook provided information on the host hotel for pageant weekend, competition attire for the Miss and Teen divisions, phasesContinue reading “Honestly Representing New York”

Shop ‘Til I Drop

Now, it’s time for the fun stuff – shopping!!  I reviewed the attire requirements for Miss New York USA and created a mental shopping list of what I needed. I already had some pieces of my pageant attire, such as a few outfit ideas in mind for my interview, as well as making use ofContinue reading “Shop ‘Til I Drop”

It’s Picture Day!

My Miss New York USA State Finalist packet arrived – yippee!! So exciting and overwhelming!  This packet included the 2019 Miss New York USA/Miss New York Teen USA program, my sponsorship letters, and contestant folder. I analyzed the headshots of contestants in the 2019 program, knowing that I would need to submit one myself. AlthoughContinue reading “It’s Picture Day!”

I Have An Offer – Now What?

I was excited, nervous, and unsure. I felt that whatever I did was wrong. Do I miss out on this once in a lifetime opportunity? Should I save money and not bother? Would I regret it if I don’t? How would this look for work – would it be appropriate if Human Resources found out? BuyingContinue reading “I Have An Offer – Now What?”

I’ve Never Been A Pageant Girl

It was an ordinary Sunday night in August 2019. I was at my boyfriend’s Jersey City apartment and scrolling through Instagram. I ran across an ad, requesting applicants for the 2020 Miss New York USA pageant. I had watched pageants and Toddlers & Tiara’s with amusement, but I always knew that I was not aContinue reading “I’ve Never Been A Pageant Girl”