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Who Will Take The Crown?

It was almost time to take the stage for the final competition, where we would find out who would be crowned Miss New York USA 2020.  Just as we did for the preliminary competition, we gathered to the side of the stage as we waited for the show to begin. Once again, the show beganContinue reading “Who Will Take The Crown?”


Who Will It Be?

I woke up on the morning of January 19th, 2020, the day of the final competition. Within 14 hours, both Miss New York USA 2020 and Miss New York Teen USA 2020 would be crowned. Before going downstairs for breakfast, I needed to make sure that everything was packed, since I would not be goingContinue reading “Who Will It Be?”

Let’s Dance!

The preliminary competition for Miss New York USA had concluded, and I was excited to have some downtime before the evening festivities. Still at The Performing Arts Center at Purchase College, I waited with the other Miss contestants to board the buses, which would take us back to the host hotel, Crowne Plaza White Plains-Downtown.Continue reading “Let’s Dance!”

Don’t Fall on Stage!

Nervous excitement was building up backstage. It was almost time to go on stage in front of a live audience to vie for the title of Miss New York USA 2020.  I left hair and makeup and made my way to my dressing room. I put on my black cocktail dress and silver heels thatContinue reading “Don’t Fall on Stage!”

Buildup for Taking the Stage

The preliminary competition for Miss New York USA began on January 17th, 2020 with interviews, and today, January 18th was the first day on stage! I double checked my bag multiple times to ensure that all of my competition attire was packed and made my way downstairs for breakfast. I pigged out, and maybe shouldn’t have,Continue reading “Buildup for Taking the Stage”

Three Types of Pageant Rehearsals

The preliminary competition for Miss New York USA had finally begun! I completed my interview with the panel of judges, which was the first phase of the competition. Relieved that this part of the competition was over, I was then in a room where contestants went following their interview. Being the second contestant to completeContinue reading “Three Types of Pageant Rehearsals”

Hello, Judges

It was the morning of January 17th, 2020 – the first day of the preliminary competition for Miss New York USA.  The part of the competition that would be completed today was the preliminary private interview with the judges, and following the interview would be information about the next couple of days and rehearsals. TheContinue reading “Hello, Judges”

Almost Pageant Weekend!

Miss New York USA was quickly approaching, and I was getting more excited by the minute!  At the Pre-Pageant Orientation, we learned the opening dance number and were sent the instructional video to practice. For those who attended the pre-pageant orientation, we self-selected our dance group of easy, medium, hard, and elite. Upon receiving and watchingContinue reading “Almost Pageant Weekend!”

Baby Steps

I completed the Miss New York USA Pre-Pageant Orientation, but my orientation day was not yet done! I had signed up for a walking class through Prepare To Win. As a first-time contestant, I knew nothing about the pageant walk. I had investigated working with a coach, but given the cost of the coach, theContinue reading “Baby Steps”

Pre-Pageant Orientation

December 7, 2019 was one of the biggest days leading up to the Miss New York USA pageant. The Pre-Pageant Orientation was the first opportunity for us to meet our fellow contestants in person as we approached one of the busiest and most exciting weekends. The night before, I got a manicure and went toContinue reading “Pre-Pageant Orientation”